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Course Description

Are you a certified vet nurse and want to branch out into felines? Do you want to advance your career and specialise as a feline nurse? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced Certificate in Feline Nursing.

The Advanced Certificate in Feline Nursing will let you develop your skills and knowledge and turn you into an exceptional Feline Nurse.





















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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Introduction To Feline Biochemistry - This unit covers the characteristics of common chemical compounds important in feline biochemistry.

Unit 2 -      Introduction To Feline Biomolecules - This unit covers the principles and practices of biochemistry. 

Unit 3 -      Feline Anatomy - This unit covers the body’s functions and organisms

Unit 4 -      Feline Physiology - This unit covers the development of new treatments and guidelines for maintaining animal health.

Unit 5 -      Feline Pathology - This unit covers equipment complete blood counts, abnormalities and diseases and the tests needed for evaluation and results. 

Unit 6 -      Feline Emergencies - This unit covers various emergency situations and what the necessary steps are to achieve a positive result. 

Unit 7 -      Feline Diseases - This unit covers some of the diseases seen in feline's.

Unit 8 -      Feline Clinical Examinations - This unit covers examining the animal, how to approach, how to restrain, vital signs and lifting and carrying.

Unit 9 -      Feline Nutritional Support - This unit covers assisted feeding, how much to give, what to give and the methods of how to feed.

Unit 10 -    Feline Dressings and Bandages - This unit covers bandaging correct and incorrect techniques and the different dressings available

Unit 11 -    Preparation Of The Feline Patient - This unit covers admits, preparation, pre meds, clipping, positioning, and skin disinfection.

Unit 12 -    Assisting During Feline Surgery - This unit covers the main tasks when assisting during surgery.

Unit 13 -    Feline Anaesthesia - This unit covers anaesthesia, patient evaluation, preoperative and postoperative care and pain scoring.

Unit 14 -    Monitoring Feline Anaesthesia - This unit covers how to monitor anaesthesia, depth checking, vitals, blood pressure, CRT and equipment used.

Unit 15 -    Anaesthetic Machine and System - This unit covers machines, oxygen systems and soda lime used in vet clinics.

Unit 16 -    Feline Fluid Therapy - This unit covers fluid solutions, calculations, blood transfusions and storage.

Students Receive

Once course is complete 

1   x Certificate In Advanced Feline Nursing

1   x Course Transcript 







Advanced Certificate In Feline Nursing

12 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

12 Months

Certified Vet Nurse

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