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Affiliate Program



TISOVN is keen to find affiliates who are qualified and/or experienced in the animal care industry. Are you:

  • Passionate about teaching?

  • Prepared to work with our standard contract?

  • Competent with zoom, teams etc

  • Qualified and or experienced in the animal care industry?

If you answered "YES" to all of the above, please read on:

Start teaching students short courses

  •     We supply short courses

  •     Affordable courses to purchase

  •     Huge market

  •     Support and guidance from TISOVN

  •     International course recognition (short courses do not need to be accredited)

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  • Start a classroom and teach the courses

  • Set your own fees

  • Present the courses as you like

  • TISOVN provides marketing and advertising

  • TISOVN provides assistance with tutoring

Who can be an affiliate

  • Anyone who is qualified and or experienced in the animal care industry

  • Those who are great at public speaking and can teach on line classes

  • Anyone who's ready to run a classroom

  • Those that know how to use zoom, teams and similar

  • Those with access to a computer

  • Any individual interested in selling quality educational short courses


TISOVN reserves the right to run background checks. TISOVN is not obliged to provide a reason for declining an application.


Affiliate Contract

  • The affiliate delivers the course.

  • The affiliate prices their purchased courses

  • TISOVN provides electronic copies which the affiliate can deliver as their own.

  • TISOVN supplies support.

  • TISOVN supplies digital books

  • TISOVN is paid per short course.

  • Short courses each are $2,497 (+ GST if applicable)

  • Students are required to receive certification through TISOVN for a fee of $100 per student paid by the affiliate


We supply you with:

  • The approval to deliver specified short courses

  • Options to deliver with or without tuition, using paper-based notes or e-learning

  • Electronic copies of courses in a document

  • Continuous upgrades

Want to know more?

Email and we will be in touch.

 Short Courses Available

Image by Ian Schneider


1 Course - $2497

2 Courses - $4497 - save $497

3 Courses - $6497 - save $994

  4 Courses - $7997 - save $1991

  5 Courses - $9997 - save $2488

  • Certificate In Anatomy and Physiology

  • Certificate In Aquarium Care

  • Certificate In Arachnology

  • Certificate In Australian Wildlife Studies

  • Certificate In Avian Studies/Certificate In Poultry Care Combined

  • Certificate In Biochemistry

  • Certificate In Bovine Care

  • Certificate In Canine Care

  • Certificate In Canine Grooming

  • Certificate In Canine Psychology and Training

  • Certificate In Caprine Care

  • Certificate In Carnivore

  • Certificate In Clinical Pathology

  • Certificate In Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Certificate In Equine Studies

  • Certificate In Feline Psychology and Training

  • Certificate In Guinea Pig Care I/Certificate In Guinea Pig Diseases Combined

  • Certificate In Herpetology

  • Certificate In Koala Care/Certificate In Possum Care Combined

  • Certificate In Leporidae Care

  • Certificate In Marine Studies

  • Certificate In Ovine Care

  • Certificate In Primatology

  • Certificate In Small Animal Instruments

  • Certificate In Wildlife Management

Affiliate Directory

Woof! Canine Courses with Amanda
Woof Canine Courses.jpg

Woof! Canine Courses with Amanda provides canine short courses to assist those who want to expand their knowledge on canine care and behaviour.

We aim to help students develop their knowledge and gain the basic fundamentals to help prepare for the next step in their career.

​Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.



Equine Studies
with Equine Angels
Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 3.29.04 pm.png

Equine Angels is a not for profit organisation designed to help those most at risk in our community. Based in Byron Bay it is our mission to bring horses and humans together in a non confrontational environment free from any outside ‘agendas’.

Our program delivers an equine assisted life coaching program to help disadvantaged youth to develop emotional control and effective communication and body language skills. These basic skills are necessary to enable young people to turn their aggression or anxiety into calm assertiveness.

Ready for some Equine Assisted Learning? We would love to hear from you! 

Lainie Bracher Towner: 0430 588 106


Various Courses
With Jerrod G, Tynes, M.S., M.Ed. & PAS
Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 3.49.00 pm.png

Perched on a hilltop, overlooking the Downtown Dallas skyline, the University of North Texas at Dallas is the only public, accredited 4-year university in the City of Dallas. Serving Dallas Fort Worth – the No. 1 job market in America, according to Forbes – UNT Dallas has served as a pathway to social mobility since its establishment in 2010.

We offer our students the most affordable tuition plans in the Dallas region, helping them blaze their trail toward a bachelor’s, master’s, or juris doctoral degree while minimizing student debt. Our value-based education is accompanied by innovative, high-quality academic programs that include opportunities for rich experiential learning.

​Lecturer: Jerrod Tynes

Department: Life and Health Sciences

Office: Dal 1, 319

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