Approved Prisoner Study Program

The Approved Prisoner Study Program is an educational program provided by TISOVN to all prisoners worldwide. TISOVN has a range of animal courses which have vocational components for inmates in correctional centres.

The study program offers prisoners short courses and full qualifications at a discounted fee and is not only available on line, it is also available in hard copy formats to accommodate the various prison systems.

To improve employment opportunities on release, prisoners are encouraged to participate in education and training programs. TISOVN's education and training programs are structured to ensure prisoners are able to continue their course as they move through the prison system.

Prisoners can start a full qualification and once released, can continue the course to completion. Alternatively, students can complete various short courses.

Students receive digital Statement Of Attainment Certificates of all units passed and a hard copy certificate once their course is completed.

If you want TISOVN courses at a particular correctional centre, please contact the General Manager of that prison. Due to privacy, TISOVN is unable to divulge which prisons have TISOVN courses. Alternatively, if you work within the prison system and would like TISOVN courses available for your prisoners, please email