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We asked Brooke - TISOVN Student some questions about her experience with TISOVN.


Q) Which course/s are you studying?

A) Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing, Certificate In Biochemistry, Advanced Certificate In Equine Studies, Certificate In Avian Studies and Certificate In Zoology


Q) What do you like about the course/s you are studying?

A) The courses are very informative, the assessments are pretty easy to follow, and the way the courses and assessments are set out somehow makes it easy to remember the information.


Q) If more than one course, which one is your favourite and why?

A) Zoology would probably have to be my ultimate favourite. You learn so many different animals and so many different ways that zoo's can run. It's also a challenge!


Q) Why did you decide to study those course/s?

A)  - I started studying veterinary nursing because I wanted to be a vet nurse. 

      - My placement clinic takes on horses and birds, so I picked up my equine and avian studies. 

      - I was also super interested in reptiles so I picked up (and finished) Herpetology before I started my zoology. 

      - I thought biochemistry would also be a great additive to learn (I wasn't wrong). 

      - Then I picked up zoology because I thought it would be interesting, but after some thought I've decided that I would love to           be a zoo nurse!


Q) How did you hear about TISOVN? 

A) I was referred by a friend!


Q) Why did you choose TISOVN as your preferred institution?

A) I was won over when my friend said that they marked assessments really fast. Then when I actually spoke to them they were so lovely, they also responded very quickly. Ever since, I've had a very bad addiction to the school, picking up so many new courses and even though I feel as though I already know what I want to do, I don't think I'll be happy until I finish off every subject. 


Q) What do you like most about TISOVN? 

A)   - Everyone employed by TISOVN is very lovely and don't treat you like you're an idiot when you ask questions. 

       - The fast marking and responses

       - NO VIDEOS. 

       - The assessors actually help you when you need help. They don't just say to reread a certain part, or read a chapter in a                      textbook. They send you links, they tell you what to google to help you.

       - I LIVE for Carl's shenanigans. 

       - TISOVN actually gets to know their students. They give you recognition when you've done an amazing assessment, or finish            a course. They will go above and beyond for their students, you're not just another number to them. 

       - Of course the cheap courses are also an added bonus

       - No time limits on the courses!


Q) What's your big life's dream?

A) To open my own vet clinic eventually. But until then, I want to do as much as I possibly can to help the animals and owners. 


Q) Any advice to give to new students?

A) I've spoken to a few people and they were so worried about the course not being an RTO. Don't worry about that. You learn so much more at this school through the Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing than you would any other RTO Certificate IV. And that's not including any extra subjects that you can get for free, or at cheap prices. It's definitely worth it. 

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