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Course Description

Ever wonder how a dog got its spots? Or why Red and White Roses can produce Pink offspring? Or have an interest in DNA, Mutation or Inheritance? This course has been developed to explain the fundamentals of genetic inheritance covering Mendelian Ratios, Sex-Linked, Co-Dominance and Incomplete Dominance Traits in plants, animals and humans, as well as the basis of Nuclear and Mitochondria DNA and the Benefits and Deficits of Mutation.

This course was written by C.L.Williams, an academic with postgraduate qualifications in animal husbandry, genetics, management and behaviour and is a qualified and experienced a trainer, behaviourist, veterinary nurse, groomer and Assistance Animal trainer. She has a keen interest in genetics and has authored multiple books on the subject.

























Course Details

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Study Timetable

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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Introduction & Terminology
Unit 2 -      Mitosis & Meiosis
Unit 3 -      Mendelian Genetics & the Monohybrid Cross
Unit 4 -      Mendel's Dihybrid Cross Experiment
Unit 4b -    Non-Mendelian Genetics
Unit 5 -      Mitochondrial DNA
Unit 6 -      Mutations


Students Receive

Once course is complete

1 x Certificate In Genetics



Certificate In Genetics

6 Months



Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Assessments (8) Exams (2)




16yrs or older 


6 Months

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