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Do you want to work with marine life? The Certificate in Marine Studies is great for those that want to work within the marine industry or at an underwater world or a sea life park.

























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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Ecology - This unit covers the basic concepts of ecology and basic groups of marine animal life.

Unit 2 -      Waters and Reefs - This unit covers characteristics of various marine environments.

Unit 3 -      Molluscs and Crustaceans - This unit covers the range of molluscs and crustaceans in the marine environment and their life cycles.

Unit 4 -      Squid and Octopus - This unit covers awareness of the ecological significance of Cephalopods and Clupeoids in the marine environment.

Unit 5 -      Cartilaginous Fish - This unit covers the range of cartilaginous fish (sharks, rays) and selected bony fish (eels) that inhabit the ocean.

Unit 6 -      Bony Fish - This unit covers the species and diversity of marine fish that exists in the world’s oceans.

Unit 7 -      Bony Fish Characteristics -This unit covers characteristics of bony fish, including anatomy, physiology and behaviour.

Unit 8 -      Marine Mammals - This unit covers the presence of marine mammals in the seas and oceans of the world.

Unit 9 -      Turtles, Sea Snakes and Sea Birds - This unit covers the range of related animals that co-habitat with fish in the marine environment.

Unit 10 -    Echinoderms - This unit covers the different classes of Echinoderms and selected families within those classes.

Students Receive

Once course is complete

1 x Certificate In Marine Studies

1 x  Course Transcript


Certificate In Marine Studies

6 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

6 Months

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