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Do you want to learn about various species? Are you working in a pet store, welfare, kennel or cattery, aquarium or zoo? Start your animal career with this certificate III course. In this course, students will learn about anatomy, physiology, domestic pet care, captive, marine and wildlife with a veterinary clinic focus.
This course will give you broad skills in basic care and health and well-being of wildlife and small animals.

























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Work Placement
The Certificate In Animal Care III contains 100 hours of work placement or 4 hours per week for 52 weeks

The workplace will need to provide animal related services such as veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals  mobile vets, welfare organisations, pet shops and farming.

Your work placement can be completed anywhere in the world, and you will be responsible for the costs of any travel, accommodation, insurance or any other requirements related to your work placement.



Job Prospects

Animal Attendant

Boarding Kennel Assistant

Pet Shop Assistant

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Animal Welfare Officer

Animal Technician

Farm Hand

Units of Study

Unit 1 -   Workplace Hazards and Risks -This unit covers hazards and various risks seen in the workplace
Unit 2 -   Infection Control and Biosecurity - This unit covers biosecurity requirements
Unit 3 -   Zoonosis - This unit covers diseases that are naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans.
Unit 4 -   Communication Skills - This unit covers how to communicate effectively in the workplace
Unit 5 -   Nutrition - This unit covers the various ingredients found in pet products
Unit 6 -   Anatomy - This unit covers the structure and functions of the animal body
Unit 7 -   Physiology - This unit covers the structure and functions of the animal body
Unit 8 -   Guinea Pig Diseases - This unit covers the guinea pig diseases commonly seen in clinic.
Unit 9 -   Marine Studies - This unit covers species and ecology
Unit 10 - Wildlife Management - This unit covers habitats and ecology
Unit 11 - Wildlife Wound Care - This unit covers triage, types and biology
Unit 12 - Carnivores - This unit covers evolution, biology, psychology, behaviour, canines, felines, bears and mustelids. 

Unit 13 - Primates -  This unit covers health, diet, behaviour, breeding and conservation.

Students Receive

Once course is complete and fees are paid in full

1   x Certificate In Animal Care III

13 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1   x Course Transcript 


Image by Isabel Retamales


Certificate In Animal Care III

12 Months



Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Placement (100) Assessments (105) Exams (75)


$200 deposit followed by $35 p/w

$1500 - followed by $15 p/w

Access to a computer

Available with mentoring only

12 Months