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Course Description

Do you want to work with felines? Are you working in a pet store, welfare, vet clinic or a cattery? Start your feline career with this certificate course. In this course, students will learn about ethics, welfare, nursing, drugs, body language, handling and so much more! This certificate is also the building block to the Advanced Certificate In Feline Nursing.

This course will give you broad skills in basic care and health and well-being of felines. It will also give you the knowledge required to complete further studies in the field.






















Course Details
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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Communication Skills - This unit covers positive communication skills within the veterinary clinic

Unit 2 -      TeamworkThis unit covers effective teamwork, network, different cultures, equal employment and workplace bullying and harassment.

Unit 3    Workplace Documentation - This unit covers documents that are required within the veterinary industry including storage

Unit 4 -      Giving Information and Advice - This unit covers information given to clients and what is expected of you.

Unit 5 -      Workplace Health and Safety - This unit covers work health and safety of clients, employees, visitors, contractors, volunteers and suppliers 

Unit 6 -      ZoonosisThis unit covers zoonosis, how it's contacted and ways to prevent it.

Unit 7 -      Ethics - This unit covers the various animal ethics and theories of animal welfare.

Unit 8 -      Introduction To Feline Care - This unit covers aspects of domestic cat care and basic duties of cat care ownership.

Unit 9 -      Feline Body Language - This unit covers behaviour signs and body language.

Unit 10 -    Feline Breeds - This unit covers the various cat breeds.

Unit 11 -    Feline Biology - This unit covers an understanding of basic biology – anatomy and physiology – and associated processes. 

Unit 12 -    Feline Diet 1 - This unit covers feline nutrition and an outline of an appropriate diet for the domestic cat specific to their needs.

Unit 13 -    Feline Diet 2 - This unit covers diets that pets eat and have access to.

Unit 14 -    Feline Nutrition - This unit covers the nutritional needs cats require in order to have a nutritional balance. 

Unit 15 -    Vaccinations and Diseases - This unit covers various vaccines that are available and some of the diseases they prevent.

Unit 16 -    ParasitesThis unit covers various worms, fleas and ticks.

Unit 17 -    Drugs and Medications - This unit covers the various drugs and medications that are commonly used in vet clinics.

Unit 18 -    Common Feline Diseases - This unit covers some common feline diseases

Unit 19 -    Feline Handling - This unit covers the risks involved with cats and handling techniques.

Unit 20 -    Feline First Aid - This unit covers the various wounds that cats may present and how to treat such cases.

Unit 21  Handling Feline Emergencies - This unit covers how to recognise and treat ill health. 

Unit 22 -    Feline Nursing - This unit covers the general care of a cat in hospital.

Students Receive

Once course is complete 

1   x Certificate In Feline Nursing

1   x Course Transcript 



Certificate In Feline Nursing

12 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

12 Months

Must be working in a clinic/cattery/pet store

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