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We asked Clancy - TISOVN Student some questions about her experience with TISOVN.


Q) Which course/s are you studying? 

A) I’m studying the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing

Q) What do you like about the course/s you are studying? 

A) I find the course very well set out the support has been amazing and assessments are always marked really quickly. 

Q) Why did you decide to study those course/s? 

A) I want to be a Vet Nurse

Q) How did you hear about TISOVN? 

A) I found TISOVN page on Facebook.

Q) Why did you choose TISOVN as your preferred institution? 

A) I chose TISOVN because when contacting the school they were very open and honest with the many questions I had.

Q) What do you like most about TISOVN?  

A) The fast assessment marking.

Q) What's your big life's dream? 

A) My big dream is to just be a vet nurse and do my vet nurse thing.


Q) Any advice to give to new students? 

A) My advice to new students would be just do it you won’t regret it. TISOVN is amazing.

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