No, this is why we can advertise discounted courses. We are about education and not for profit gain. The title of veterinary nurse is not a protected title in Australia and there is no legislation or act for veterinary nursing. It is common for veterinary practices to hire nurses without any qualifications in Australia. In Western Australia, it is a requirement that all practising veterinary nurses must be registered with the Veterinary Surgeon's Board of Western Australia. Students residing outside Australia are recommended to contact their Federal Register For Legislation to learn of the rules your country has.

Is Vet Nursing regulated in Australia?

Vet nursing is not regulated in Australia therefore there is no minimum requirement to practise as a vet nurse. It is up to the individual practices on what their policies are.




Course Description
Have you always wanted to work in the veterinary and animal care industry? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. The Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing will let you develop your skills and knowledge and turn you into a fully qualified exceptional Veterinary Nurse.





















Course Details
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Study Timetable

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Job Prospects

Veterinary Nurse

Work Placement
This course contains 480 hours of work placement

The workplace will need to provide veterinary services to animals such as veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals as well as mobile vets.

Your work placement can be completed anywhere in the world, and you will be responsible for the costs of any travel, accommodation, insurance or any other requirements related to your work placement.


Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Communication

Unit 2 -      Managing Work Schedules and Routine

Unit 3 -      Teamwork

Unit 4 -      Workplace Meetings

Unit 5 -      Workplace Documentation

Unit 6 -      Giving Information and Advice

Unit 7 -      Workplace Health and Safety

Unit 8 -      Workplace Hazards and Risks

Unit 9 -      Infection Control and Biosecurity

Unit 10 -    Zoonosis

Unit 11 -    Drugs and Medications

Unit 12 -    Ordering Stock and Stocktakes

Unit 13  Reception Duties

Unit 14 -    Emergencies

Unit 15 -    Vaccinations and Diseases

Unit 16 -    Parasites

Unit 17 -    Nutrition

Unit 18 -    Diet

Unit 19 -    Anatomy

Unit 20 -    Physiology

Unit 21 -    Pathology

Unit 22 -    The Veterinary Ward

Unit 23 -    Clinical Examinations

Unit 24 -    Nutritional Support

Unit 25 -    Dressings and Bandages

Unit 26 -    Theatre Practice

Unit 27 -    Preparing The Patient For Surgery

Unit 28 -    Assisting During Surgery

Unit 29 -    Instruments

Unit 30 -    Dentistry                                 

Unit 31 -    Anaesthesia                                                                              

Unit 32 -    Monitoring Anaesthesia

Unit 33 -    Anaesthetic Machine and Systems

Unit 34 -    Radiology

Unit 35 -    Fluid Therapy

Unit 36 -    Student Manual Submission


Students Receive

Once course is complete and fees are paid in full

35 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1   x Certificate In Advanced Veterinary Nursing

1   x Course Transcript 

1   x Award



Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing




Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Placement (480) Manual (1)

Assessments (85) Exams (65)


$2750 - Must be current

$3000 - With concession card supplied

$10 per week 

18yrs or older with access to a computer

The Veterinary Nursing Pathway Certificate

By request


"I like the this course as it's more in depth and more relevant than the Vet Nurse Certificate IV I did at Tafe. Also higher standard of work required as I find Tafe dull and boring." - Claire