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The CPD Certificate In Avian Biology, Health and Nutrition is for students that would like to know more about this subject or for those that want to familiarise themselves with avians
This certificate consists of three units only.
* These units have been taken from the Advanced Certificate In Avian Studies























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Units of Study

Unit 1 - Avian Feed and Nutrition - This unit outlines the feeding requirements to a range of different captive birds.

Unit 2 - Avian Health Management - This unit covers management techniques for the health of a range of different birds.

Unit 3 - Biology - This unit identifies anatomical and physiological characteristics of birds.

Students Receive

3 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1 x Certificate In Wildlife Capacity and Management Techniques

1 x Course Transcript 






CPD Certificate In Avian Biology, Health and Nutrition

1 Month/2 hours per week


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1 month from login access