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Have you always wanted to move up the veterinary ladder? Do you want to manage a team? Do you love behind the scenes environment?  Why not advance in the industry and become a Practice Manager!
























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Job Prospects

Practice Manager

Practice Supervisor

Work Placement
This course contains 100 hours of work placement

The workplace will need to provide veterinary services such as veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals as well as mobile vets, welfare organisations.

Your work placement can be completed anywhere in the world, and you will be responsible for the costs of any travel, accommodation, insurance or any other requirements related to your work placement.


Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Office Practices - This unit covers office space, communications, phone skills, letters and documents, procedures and health and safety

Unit 2 -      Bookkeeping -This unit covers bookkeeping, inventory and accounts

Unit 3 -      Sales - This unit covers presentation, selling, marketing and presentation

Unit 4 -      Communication Skills - This unit covers communication and workplace meetings

Unit 5 -      Motivation - This unit covers motivation, rewards, negative motivators, initiating

Unit 6 -      Conflict Management - This unit covers conflict, listening and negotiating skills

Unit 7 -      Supervision - This unit covers structures and problem solving techniques

Unit 8 -      Management - This unit covers styles, interview skills, management and ethics

Students Receive

Once course is complete and fees are paid in full

8 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1 x Certificate In Practice Management

1 x Course Transcript 

1 x Award


Certificate In Practice Management




Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Placement (100) Assessments (26) Exams (26)


$1000 - Must be current

$1200 - With concession card supplied

$10 per week 

18yrs or older with access to a computer

By request