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Are you a qualified veterinary nurse or technician that is keen to expand into a large animal practice? Do you want to add value to your vet clinic? Do you have an interest in Equine and want to explore this species further? Are you new to the industry and want to build up some skill before you advance? The Certificate in Equine Studies is great for those that want to work within the equine industry as a junior equine assistant or for those that have an interest in this majestic species.





















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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Equine Psychology and Handling - This unit covers the different procedures used for the handling of horses.

Unit 2 -      Equine Characteristics and Breeds - This unit covers the characteristic of horses and the various breeds.

Unit 3 -      Equine Dentition and Ageing - This unit covers equine teeth and ageing

Unit 4 -      Equine Conformation - This unit covers the evaluation of the conformation of horses.

Unit 5 -      Equine Digestive System and Feeding - This unit covers the horse’s digestive system structure and function.

Unit 6 -      Equine Vaccinations, Parasites and Disease - This unit covers equine vaccinations, parasites and common diseases.

Unit 7 -      Equine Diet - This unit covers the different foodstuffs in each of the groups of feeds.

Unit 8 -      Bedding and Mucking Out - This unit covers the management procedures necessary to fulfil the bedding requirements of horses.

Unit 9 -      Tack - This unit covers the procedures used for managing the tack requirements of horses.

Unit 10 -    Rugs, Boots and Bandages - This unit covers the use and purpose of protective equipment for horses

Students Receive

10 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1 x Certificate In Equine Studies

1 x Course Transcript 


CPD Certificate In Equine Studies

10 hours

Flexible/Online/Distance Education


Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Assessments (15) Exams (10)


QVN or minimum 2 years clinic experience

6 months