Drugs and Medications

Pile of Pills

V.I.D.A.T and The International School Of Veterinary Nursing Presents - The Drug and Medication Webinar hosted by Brooke P. that is available for all trainee vet nurses that are completing or about to embark on their vet nurse journey. Students must be trainee's with less than 12 months clinical experience. With theory training and links shared for extra learning, this is a webinar that is not to be missed! 


What you will learn during the webinar:

  • Where each scheduled drug is located

  • How each drug is stored

  • Drug documentation

  • Various drugs used in vet clinics

  • Drug indications

  • Drug contra-indications

  • Drug and Medication examples provided


What you will Receive:

  • Discount code on courses (given to you during the webinar)

  • Certificate Of Completion (digital version only)

  • Recording of the webinar

  • Links to various sources to assist you with your learning

  • Assistance with the Drug and Medication Unit with the Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing.


Please note: There are strictly no refunds to this webinar. This webinar is STRICTLY for trainee vet nurses that have less than 12 months clinical experience. If you are a qualified vet nurse, please see our other webinars. 

If you cannot attend the webinar, the recording link will be emailed to you. Students are not permitted to share or copy the recording under any circumstances.

Students that are studying the Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing are encouraged to attend this webinar as it will assist you in the 'Drugs and Medication' unit of the course.

Date: Thursday 28th January, 2021 - Australia

Time: 8:00PM Queensland Australia

Duration: 30 MIN - allow extra time for questions/answers

Host: Brooke P

Recording: Yes

Platform: Zoom - You will be invited by Brooke to attend.


Early Bird Special

Valid Until - 20th January 2021


Regular Price

After 20th January 2021