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We asked Danielle - TISOVN Student some questions about her experience with TISOVN.


Q) Which course/s are you studying?
A) Veterinary Nursing Pathway Certificate

Q) What do you like about the course/s you are studying?
A) It covered a really broad range of topics, and connected to what I was doing in practice at a vet clinic. Definitely great preparation for studying vet nursing.

Q) Why did you decide to study those course/s?
A) To enable me to get into the Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing.

Q) How did you hear about TISOVN?
A) Google search

Q) Why did you choose TISOVN as your preferred institution?
A) I chose TISOVN as everything is online, you don't have to upload videos, and they are fast at marking assessments. Its also really affordable, and they are helpful and fast with responses when you have questions. 

Q) What do you like most about TISOVN?
A) The way the course is broken up into sections, with exams and assignments for each.

Q) What's your big life's dream?
A) To be a vet nurse

Q) Any advice to give to new students?
A) Stick with it and ask for help if you need it. Volunteer at your local shelter, and learn all you can from the vet nurses there!

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