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Students are required to complete the enrolment form and email it to

TISOVN reserves the right not to accept students into the school

Payment Plans upon request.
Please email for details

Student Agreement

This is the Agreement between you and The international School Of Veterinary Nursing (TISOVN) for the course you are undertaking with or through TISOVN. This Agreement sets out your obligations to TISOVN and by accepting it you are acknowledging that you have read it and understand it.

Your Obligations

1. Your obligations under this Agreement include:

* you agree to pay all fees associated with your course plus GST, if applicable

* you confirm that you fulfill all entry requirements

* you confirm that all information you provided to TISOVN was accurate and complete and not misleading

* you must inform TISOVN in writing within seven (7) days of any corrections or changes to your personal details including name and phone numbers;

* you must maintain a current email address for the duration of your course as TISOVN will communicate with you via email

* you agree that if you submit another students assessment as your own then you will be removed from TISOVN.

* you agree that you will not receive any refunds after the 7 day cooling off period 

* you agree that you will not receive any certificates until your course is completed and all fees have been paid in full


Accepting this Agreement

You have accepted this Agreement by:

* By enrolling in any TISOVN course

Course Fees

The Course Fees do not include:

  • postage

Cancellation and Refund

If you wish to terminate your studies, you must notify TISOVN in writing (Cancellation Request).

Without limitation cancellation will not be given if you seek only on the basis that:

* you have changed jobs;

* your work hours changed;

* you have moved address (including inter-state or international moves);

* you find the course more difficult, time consuming, not what you were wanting, changed your mind, too easy or stressful than you had expected; or

* you have resigned from or terminated your employment.

Cooling off period

Cooing off period is 7 days from receipt. Students will be granted access to their course on day 8.

It is a requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 that you are informed about the collection of your personal information and how we may use it. The personal information you provide on this form is being collected for the purpose of processing your enrolment as a student, and assisting us in improving our service to you. The International School Of Veterinary Nursing is collecting the information. You have a right of access to and alteration of personal information. Should you have any questions, email us at

Missed direct debit

If you miss one direct debit, then you will be removed from TISOVN for payment failure and you will need to pay for the remainder of your course in full in order to continue.



TISOVN only accepts digital enrolment forms.
Printed, hand written enrolment forms will not be accepted.
TISOVN is a green school.
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