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We asked Hollie - TISOVN Student some questions about her experience with TISOVN.


Q) Which course/s are you studying?

A) Certificate in Herpetology and Certificate in Koala Care


Q) What do you like about the course/s you are studying?
A) There aren't many (if any) affordable and internationally recognized courses for either of these fields. Really interesting topics too!


Q) If more than one course, which one is your favourite and why?

A) Herpetology - This is the subject I knew the least about and it has been really eye opening to discover how the smallest of things can impact them (whether in the wild or captivity).

Q) Why did you decide to study those course/s

A) I have wanted to study Herpetology all my life, and being so interested in wildlife, the Koala Care course was a natural progression.


Q) How did you hear about TISOVN?

A) Via my work email (RSPCA)


Q) Why did you choose TISOVN as your preferred institution?

A) The courses appeared realistic and cost effective, and they have very interesting and in depth study areas.


Q) What do you like most about TISOVN?

A) How easily accessible online it is - and assessments are graded very quickly by the amazing staff!


Q) What's your big life's dream?

A) To work in wildlife conservation, trying to prevent the decline/extinction of the amazing species of Australia (and potentially worldwide!).


Q) Any advice to give to new students?

A) Don't hestitate!

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