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 Introduction To

Veterinary Nursing Certificate

Course Description

The Introduction To Veterinary Nursing Certificate is for those that would like to have an understanding of the veterinary industry before making a full career commitment.
The units covered are just an example of what students are to expect once entering the industry and what is expected of them.
You do not need to be working or have access to a vet clinic with this course, and no student placement is necessary.






















Course Details

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Qualification Name      

Course Duration           

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Payment Plan

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Study Timetable

Course Completion              


Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Communication Skills - This unit covers positive communication skills within the veterinary clinic

Unit 2 -      Zoonosis - This unit covers zoonosis, how it's contacted and ways to prevent it.

Unit 3 -      Vaccination and Diseases - This unit covers various vaccines that are available and some of the diseases they prevent.

Unit 4 -      Parasites - This unit covers various worms, fleas and ticks.

Unit 5 -      Diet - This unit covers diets that pets eat and have access to.

Unit 6 -      Directional Terms - This unit covers the body’s functions and directional terms

Unit 7 -      Clinical Examinations - This unit covers examining the animal, how to approach, how to restrain, vital signs and lifting and carrying.

Unit 8 -      Dentistry - This unit covers common conditions clinics see in dentistry including, treatment, scaling and polishing, equipment used and PPE worn.


Students Receive

Once course is complete and fees are paid in full

8 x Statement Of Attainment Certificates 

1 x Certificate In Introduction To Veterinary Nursing

1 x Course Transcript 

Certificate in Applied Veterinary Nursin


Introduction To Veterinary Nursing Certificate

8 Months



Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Assessments (8) Exams (8)


$30 deposit followed by $10 p/w  

16yrs or older with access to a computer

Entry Exam

Available with mentoring only

8 Months

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