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 Introduction To

Feline Care Certificate

Course Description

If you love cats and want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, then this introduction to feline care course is the perfect gateway to help lead you towards more an advanced certification.
In this course, students will learn about feline health, vitality, and behaviour and so much more.























Course Details

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Course Requirements 

Course Completion              

Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Introduction To Feline Care - This unit covers the difference between welfare and breeders and what they offer

Unit 2 -      Breeds - This unit covers the different cat breeds

Unit 3 -      Reproduction - This unit covers breeding and reproduction

Unit 4 -      Exercise and Behaviour - This unit covers enrichment

Unit 5 -      Body Language - This unit covers communication through body language

Unit 6 -      Hygiene - This unit covers litter and boxes

Unit 7 -      Fleas - This unit covers what fleas are and how to eradicate

Unit 8 -      Worms - This unit covers the different intestinal worms

Unit 9 -      General Cat Care - This unit covers the elements of taking care of a cat

Unit 10 -    Sickness - This unit covers responsible cat ownership

Students Receive

Once course is complete 

1  x Certificate In Introduction To Feline Care

1  x Course Transcript



Introduction To Feline Nursing Certificate

6 Months





Access to a computer

6 Months

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