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11 Study Tips For Students

Manage your time effectively whilst studying

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about all of things that you have to do during your day and wondering how you can achieve all of the things that you want to whilst still squeezing time in to study?

We have 11 tips to help you manage your time more effectively:

1) Determine how much time you spend on doing an assignment and how much time you need to read one page of a lesson.

2) Write down the rough estimate of how much time you need for each of the tasks: ‘assignment’ and ‘reading’ separately.

3) Add 1 hour up to your total studying estimate time.

4) Prepare a weekly schedule based on the amount of study you have set aside for that week: print out a calendar for the week or have it on your mobile phone or on your lap top displaying each hour of the day.

5) Develop blocks of study time per day: write down the tasks that you will be doing on the blocks of time you have assigned for that task

6) Schedule time for meals, transport to a library or a cafe, if needed, physical activities during the day. Have a bottle of water and a snack close to you to avoid constant interruptions.

7) Find a quiet place to study.

8) Leave your mobile phone on Silent Mode or turned off.

9) Prioritize tasks: The hardest part is the first minutes, when your mind isn’t focused yet; after you start focusing on the task (lesson or assignment), you will see that it will flow easily for about one hour.

10) Remember: be flexible. Unpredictable situations will always happen and be prepared to adapt to changes and get back on track.

11) Once you get the handle on time management, you will be able to plan for longer chunks of time such as: month, trimester, semester or year.

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