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Could This Be The Best Mouse House Ever?

A family of mice were discovered in a garden

Photographer Simon Dell came across a family of mice living in his garden and instead of setting traps, he decided to build them a village and the results are astounding.

These mice live better than most, having an endless supply of food, shelter from the elements and a safe place to hide from predators, the mice repaid the photographer with portraits of themselves enjoying the good life.

The Village

Simon Dell is the male version of Mary Poppins and has all sorts of species visiting him at various times of the day and night.

"We get all types of wildlife in the garden such as birds, mice and foxes and being a wildlife photographer, I am able to capture things most people can't"

The village has a fence around it to keep the badies at bay.

This mouse is healthier than me

"The mice seem to love their log home and have started growing in numbers. Soon I will need to start extensions for their growing family. They are still wild and will run if I get too close, but I zoom in with my lens and they sometimes pose for me"

This mouse is more photogenic than most

"The food I give them is usually all natural, like berries, nuts and fruit. I also give them mixed seeds and as a treat, I give them some mealworms"

Hiding out

"The mice are still here and have shown no interest in leaving. In winter, they come out less because it gets so cold so I give them handfuls of feathers from an old pillow and they take that to line their beds inside to keep themselves warm"

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