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Potty Mouth Parrot

Jessie Tells Her Rescuer To Simply 'Fuck Off'

Firefighters don't get enough credit. They risk their own lives to save someone else's and while most people will say a simple 'Thank you' Others are not so appreciative of all their hard effort....Like Jessie for example.

Jessie, a yellow and blue Macaw parrot, told the fire team that came to rescue her exactly what she thought of them, dropping the F bomb when she saw fit.

You see, Jessie had been stuck on the roof of a house in Edmonton, North London, for around three days. Eventually, the London Fire Brigade attended the scene with the intention of getting the bird down from there, however, all they got was a verbal bashing from Jessie when she clearly didn't think she needed saving.

Despite the fire volunteer bringing up a lovely bowl of food and a fluffy towel to try and coax her down, she just kept telling him to "fuck off".

Every time the firefighter would reach for her, she would simply tell him to fuck off and walk the other direction.

That's not very nice, is it? It's also a bit rich coming from an animal that can actually fly but has still found itself stuck on a roof.

LFB Watch Manager Chris Swallow, said: "Jessie had been on the same roof for three days and there were concerns that she may be injured which is why she hadn't come down.

"We then discovered that she had a bit of a potty mouth and kept swearing, much to our amusement."

To add insult to injury, once she had finished giving the firefighter a piece of her mind, she then promptly flew off to another roof, into a tree, and then back to her owner, swearing along the way.

It seems Jessie had the last laugh...or should we say, the last swear word because the beaten down firefighters promptly climbed back down the ladder with Jessie swearing to give them one last piece of her mind.

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