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The Moral Of The Story

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

One day a cat was walking down the road when suddenly a big and ferocious dog came out of nowhere.

The cat was scared to death and started to run to save its life. The dog leaped and caught hold of the cat.

The cat begged for mercy but the dog was very hungry and did not want to leave such a good prey.

The cat put forward a deal that she would regularly give the dog all that it would catch and would only eat the dog’s left over.

The dog found the deal very attractive and left the cat but warned it of the dire consequences if the cat tried to fool him or run away.

Every day the cat used to give away all that it would catch to the dog and the dog ate everything.

After a month, the dog grew fat since it didn’t had to catch its prey any longer.

One day the cat didn’t return on time. The dog grew impatient and started to search for it. It found the cat devouring a mouse and grew very angry.

The dog said that the cat had broken its promise and now it would eat the cat. The cat started to run to save its life and the dog chased it but since the dog had grown fat, it was getting very difficult for it to match the cat’s speed.

After about 5 minutes of chase, they had reached the end of a cliff. It was a do or die situation for the cat so it jumped across the cliff and luckily made it.

The dog on the other hand who had lost all its agility because of its increased weight, fell over the cliff.

The cat breathed a sigh of relief and walked away.

Moral: Never leave your work for someone else to do. It may be quite luring at the beginning but will turn deadly afterwards.

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