Vet Nurse Survival Kit - Pink

How do you survive this tough industry as a vet nurse? With a vet nurse survival kit! This kit has everything you need to tough it out in this intense and rewarding industry! Own it like a boss with the vet nurse survival kit.

Kit Includes:

1 x Yoyo - so you can de-stress after 'that' client

1 x Camel Balls Candy - because sometimes you need to grow some

1 x Bulls Balls Candy - because sometimes you need to grow them bigger

1 x Roo Blue Balls Candy - because they got too big

1 x Prescription Candy - because sometimes having balls isn't enough

1 x Tisovn Emblem Badge - cause your boss

1 x Protection Perfume - to ward off toxicity

1 x Tissues - cause there is nothing worse than smudged mascara

1 x Cola - because unfortunately you can't get drunk at work

1 x Vet Nurse Jokes - because sometimes you just have to laugh

1 x Affirmations - to remind you that's it's not you

1 x Carry Box - to put your tissues and jokes in

1 x Bandana - cause your lit af

1 x Waterproof Pink Survival Bag - because you simply cannot survive without it


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