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Course Description

Are you a qualified vet assistant that has been out of the industry and keen to re-enter? Have you had an extended period of time off to pursue other passions or commitments and want to keep up with industry changes?
The Veterinary Assistant Refresher Certificate is for qualified nurses only. Students must email their qualification certificate along with grading and transcript with their enrolment.
The Veterinary Assistant Refresher Certificate covers topics such as biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology, dentistry, fluid therapy just to name a few.
























Course Details
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Course Requirements 

Course Completion



Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Emergencies - This unit covers various emergency situations and what the necessary steps are to achieve a positive result. 

Unit 2 -      Biochemistry - This unit covers the characteristics of common chemical compounds important in animal  biochemistry.

Unit 3 -      Anatomy - This unit covers the body’s functions and organisms

Unit 4 -      Physiology -  This unit covers the development of new treatments and guidelines for maintaining animal health.

Unit 5 -      Pathology - This unit covers equipment complete blood counts, abnormalities and diseases and the tests needed for evaluation and results. 

Unit 6 -      Instruments - This unit covers sterilisation, labelling of instrument packs, storage of kits, and commonly used instruments 

Unit 7 -      Dentistry - This unit covers common conditions seen in dentistry including, treatment, scaling and polishing, equipment used and PPE worn.

Unit 8 -      Anaesthesia - This unit covers anaesthesia, patient evaluation, preoperative and postoperative care and pain scoring.

Unit 9 -      Monitoring Anaesthesia - This unit covers how to monitor anaesthesia, depth checking, vitals, blood pressure, CRT and equipment used.

Unit 10 -    Anaesthetic Machines and Systems - This unit covers machines, oxygen systems and soda lime used in vet clinics.

Unit 11 -    Radiographic Techniques and Equipment - This unit covers processes, positioning, PPE and the dangers associated with radiology.

Unit 12 -    Fluid Therapy - This unit covers fluid solutions, calculations, blood transfusions and storage.

Students Receive

Once course is complete

1 x Certificate In Veterinary Nursing Refresher

1 x  Course Transcript

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Veterinary Nursing Refresher Certificate

6 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

6 Months

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