Veterinary Nursing &

Animal Care

Entry Exam

Students that wish to embark on their veterinary nursing or animal care journey through TISOVN are required to sit an entry exam prior to commencing their studies. Students that are wanting to study The Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing or Animal Care I must sit this exam before commencing the Veterinary Nursing Pathway Certificate/Introduction To Veterinary Nursing/Animal Care I

Students must sit this exam within 7 days of the 7 day cooling off period. Students have 3 attempts to pass the entry exam. If students fail the entry exam on their third attempt, they will not be accepted into TISOVN Pathway Certificate/Introduction to Veterinary Nursing/the Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing Course or the Animal Care Courses

The exam is close booked and there is a time limit of 180 minutes.

If students fail to complete the exam within the 7 day period due to exam lapsing, then the exam will be forfeited and students will not be accepted into the course.

To sit the exam is free. Students will need to allocate 3 hours to sit the exam as the exam itself is timed. Students are encouraged to utilise the internet for answers. All questions are multiple choice.

The categories for vet nursing are:
* Anatomy and Physiology
* Hospital Procedures
* Medical Calculations
* Medical Terminology
* Pharmacology
* Surgical Nursing
* Dentistry
* Laboratory
* Nursing
* Radiology
* Anaesthesiology

The categories for animal care are:

* Animal Nursing

* Animal Care

When students enrol in either the Veterinary Nursing Pathway, Introduction To Veterinary Nursing, Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Nursing or Animal Care I, they will be emailed login details to the entry exam. The entry exam must be passed before the enrolment procedure can be continued.