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Start your veterinary nursing career with this entry-level course. This qualification will give you skills you need to start your journey in the veterinary industry.

























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Course Requirements 

Study Timetable

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Job Prospects

Animal Attendant

Boarding Kennel Assistant

Pet Shop Assistant



Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Animal Ethics

Unit 2 -      Animal Welfare

Unit 3 -      The Veterinary Industry

Unit 4 -      Common Health Problems

Unit 5 -      Preventative Health Care

Unit 6 -      Health And Safety

Unit 7 -      Animal Nursing

Unit 8 -      Animal Handling

Unit 9 -      Animal First Aid

Unit 10 -    Animal Diseases

Students Receive

Once course is complete

1    x Certificate In Veterinary Nursing Pathway Certificate

10  x  Statement Of Attainment Certificates

1    x  Course Transcript

At the Vet


Veterinary Nursing Pathway Certificate

6 Months



Internationally Recognised and Accredited

Assessments (13) Exams (11)


$700 with concession card

Yes - $10 per week.

Access to a computer

Available with mentoring only

6 Months

Smiling Nurse