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Posted 14/07/2020

The International School Of Veterinary Nursing

Workshop Trainer

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich QLD

Who we are
The International School Of Veterinary Nursing offers short courses and qualification courses for the veterinary and animal care industry.

The school was developed by vet nurses for vet nurses so that qualified vet nurses could expand their knowledge and trainee vet nurses could embark on their journey within the animal care sector.


The school also offers students practical workshops on various topics. Using simulators, trainee vet nurses are able to practice their skill and training on life size manikins, to build up confidence and expertise before achieving a positive result on a live animal therefore minimising both risk and stress on both animal and the student. 
Some topics covered in workshops include, but not limited to:

•  catheter placement
•  et tube placement
•  jugular blood retrieval
•  pathology
•  theory based training
•  vaccination and diseases
•  suturing
•  injections
•  cpr
•  surgery skills

This division within TISOVN operates in an exciting environment dealing with trainee vet nurses who are green within the industry. We offer excellent training, both theory and practical based in a safe and positive environment where the trainee can grow and flourish without any added pressure. 

The key duties of the position include:

The Job
We have a position available for a qualified veterinary nurse that resides within Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast/Ipswich area as the workshops will be conducted within this radius.

The primary responsibilities of this position include:

•  training new and inexperienced vet nurses

•  collect and return training apparatus

•  own transport

•  own insurance 

•  will be required to attend a training session with a tisovn trainer prior to commencement

•  will need to acquire a training location which could include private residence, library, vet clinic 

•  will be responsible for your own invoicing and tax 

•  will be responsible for any broken or destroyed apparatus whilst in care

•  to develop your own structured workshops

•  be flexible and free on weekends

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities and expertise:

•  Veterinary Nurse Qualification

•  2+ years of working as a veterinary nurse

•  excellent communication skills

•  an extensive knowledge and understanding of the veterinary industry and tisovn

•  confident and creative

•  possess a great and fun attitude

•  patient and understanding

•  can hold a crowd

•  able to do public speaking

•  has completed or currently completing a course at TISOVN is not a criteria but desirable

What we can offer you:

•  supportive team

•  apparatus, disposables, student manuals and certificates, advertising and marketing items

•  training

•  discounted courses

If you are keen to train students and be part of the TISOVN team, please email your application, including a cover letter and resume, outlining your suitability against the above mentioned criteria as well as providing a video between 5 and 10 minutes long covering ALL of the topics mentioned below:

•  blood smearing (practical)

•  surgery prep (you can use a toy for demo)

•  what each instrument is called and what it is used for

•  anaesthetic machine and the circuits explained

We understand that the above can take longer than 10 minutes, so applicants will need to cut their time down for the video and state within the video the actual time length for each of the above mentioned. Be your awesome self and don't panic :)