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Updated 23rd February 2020

Is TISOVN for me?

We are only interested in students that will do the work, that will hand in assessments, that only receive 100% marks, that are dedicated and committed to the veterinary and animal care industry and that make their weekly repayments. TISOVN reserves the right to not accept students into the school.

The application process

Due to the high demand of courses, students are required to apply for a seat at TISOVN. An application letter template is located under enrolments and students need to complete both the application letter as well as their enrolment form before submission. Students need to be aware that they may be declined to study at TISOVN and will be given the reasons why. For example, we may feel that the desired course is too advanced for the student and we will give recommendations on other courses to complete. TISOVN has limited seats, so the selection criteria is high. TISOVN reserves the right to not accept students into the school. TISOVN will not tolerate abuse from students that have not been accepted into the school. TISOVN decision is final.

The wait list

Sometimes TISOVN gets full! This usually happens when an awesome discount has been advertised and new students jump on board. If this happens, then we need to wait until other students have completed their course to make room for the newbies. How long does this take? We get asked this question frequently especially when students are waiting patiently to enrol. Sometimes turnaround can be a matter of days, sometimes it can be months. What we do recommended is that if you are interested in a course, complete the application process and you will be placed on the wait list. The sooner you do that the better.


What are the costs of the courses?

Please refer to the home page for prices

What currency are the prices in?

Prices are in Australian Dollars. There is a currency converter available on all courses.


Why is the course cheaper than other institutions?

Because TISOVN is distance learning, we are able to keep the costs down.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Students can opt for a payment plan and pay for the course through instalments via Pay Advantage (surcharge applies). Make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the course as well as the surcharge.

What happens if I am late with my repayments

There is no excuse for being late with your payment. We are very strict with this. You have chosen the amount that you can afford to pay each week. If you can't afford it, then you cannot afford to study at TISOVN and you should not have taken another students seat. TISOVN has limited seats, so if you have missed a payment, it's extremely unfair. If your circumstances have changed, then fill out the forms that are located in your student portal. If you miss a payment once, then the payment will roll over to the next payment. If you fail to make payment the second time, then your debits will be cancelled and you will be removed from the school immediately without notification and will not be eligible to enrol in any of TISOVN courses, workshops or seminars again. No exceptions. No excuses. 

Your repayments are too high for me, is there another option?

Yes. Go to TAFE. If you cannot afford $10 a week, then education and studying at a selective international school is not a priority for you.

The payment plan process

Once we have received your application, and you have received your acceptance letter, then you will be emailed/sms your direct debit form or your pay in full form to complete. You have 24 hours to complete this process from receipt, otherwise your application will be declined. This means you will go to the end of the wait list or you have to reapply for the course again. Just because you were accepted into TISOVN the first time, doesn't mean you will be accepted the second time.


How do I enrol?

Fill out the enrolment form and email admin@tisovn.com


How long does each course take to complete?

As long as it takes you. If you have no motivation, then you will not succeed in completing the course. 


If you do secure a seat at TISOVN then it is a requirement that you submit a minimum of one short course assessments per month and two qualification course assessments per month. This is part of your agreement. In order to achieve your goal, you must do the work. If you have not submitted an assessment within six months from enrolment, then you will be removed from the school. It is really important that you do the work, otherwise you are taking a seat that could belong to another who is willing to do the work. The courses are developed to help animals and animals cannot help themselves, they need us, so if you are not willing to go all the way and commit to the industry, then please go to another school and let another have your seat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

What courses do you offer?

Courses are advertised on the home page of the website. Please sign up to the newsletter and follow on Facebook for more details.


What qualification will I receive?

You will receive Statement of Attainments with every unit passed and you will receive a certificate after the course is complete. 

When will I receive my qualification?

You will receive your qualification once all units, assessments, exams have been passed as well as when all your fees have been paid in full. TISOVN will not issue any certificates or awards unless the course has been paid off in its entirety.

Awards and Certificates

Students that have paid full price for their course will receive an award as well as a hard copy of their certificate and transcript presented in a folder. Students that have purchased their course on a sale or on a discount will receive the certificate and transcript in a digital format instead and can purchase an award for $100 which includes postage. Awards will need to be paid in full before processing. Email admin@tisovn.com for more details or to place your order.

How will you know if I have completed my prac hours?

Students will need to email a certified letter from the Vet Director or equivalent confirming that all prac hours have been completed. the certified letter must be on the clinic letter head otherwise it will not be accepted. Students are to complete the log book as well located under files in the portal.


Do you accept RPL?

No. No other school has our content. Our content is more advanced than other institutions. TISOVN is a private institution. We will only accept RPL when TISOVN students want to start another course within the school.


I have changed my mind

You shouldn't change your mind because we are the best. Student's have seven days to change their minds. If you have changed your mind, we have also changed our minds. Go to TAFE instead.


Do I need insurance?

Yes. Students will need to be responsible for their own insurance. Details of how to obtain are in the student handbook.


Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, there are prerequisites to some courses. 


Do you have an age limit to study?

Yes please check individual courses for details.


Do you have specific intakes or start dates?

No. Students can start at any time throughout the year.


Do you offer a study timetable?

Yes by request.


Do you offer extensions?

Because there is no expiry date on all courses, there is no need for an extension.

Do you offer concessions?

Yes. Students can receive a concession if they are on a benefit from the government. Students are required to email their concession card along with their enrolment form. Concessions will not be accepted on courses that are on sale. If you are seeking a concession discount on an already discounted course you are in no financial position to study at TISOVN. If you ask for a concession discount on a discounted course you will not be accepted into the school. 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We advertise discounts on Facebook and in the newsletter as well as the home page of the website. Students that are already enrolled at TISOVN receive even bigger discounts. Why? Because even though we care about outside students, we care about TISOVN students more. Clearly TISOVN students want to study at this selective school so they are the one's that receive the better discounts as well as the free courses. So what are you waiting for?


When should I start looking for work placement if the course states I need work experience?

It is advisable that students seek placement as soon as possible.

What are the requirements for work placement?

Students can be a paid employee or a volunteer with qualified staff on hand to assist with your practical skill. 


I need help, do you offer tutoring?

Yes. Students can have private tutoring at a fee of $25 per assessment. Payment will need to be processed before tutoring commences. Please contact TISOVN for details.



No, TISOVN is internationally recognised and accredited through the IAPCC


What is the accreditation/recognition of TISOVN courses?

TISOVN offers accredited Certificates. This means that our Certificates meet specific international standards. 

TISOVN cannot answer any questions in regards to regulations that your country has in place. Students are required to contact their veterinary board prior to commencing their course. 

I am coming back into the industry and have previous experience in a vet clinic. Can I be exempt from placement hours?

No. You need to complete each unit so that we can verify your practical skills.  


Can I do my work placement in my current workplace?

Yes, you can do work placement at your current workplace if it is a suitable facility. You must have a workplace supervisor with a relevant Vet Nursing qualification to sign off your assessment tasks.


Are you on social media?

Yes, you can follow on Facebook - The International School Of Veterinary Nursing as well as Instagram

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do! Sign up to the newsleter situated on the home page to receive not only awesome news, information and updates but you can also receive FREE books and discounted courses! It is free to sign up to the newsletter to receive heaps of freebies and dicounts!

How are the grades assessed?

TISOVN has high expectations of its students and marking is high. Students should expect to fail the unit if their assessments are not thorough enough, or for poor presentation and will fail if assessments are not completed in its entirety. Students are only permitted to receive 100% on all assessments and should expect to repeat an assessment until 100% is reached.

What's the story with Carl?

We have no reasons only excuses for Carl.

Student Of The Month

We love our students so much that we celebrate Student Of the Month! Every month, a student is announced for their awesomeness and they receive a present. How many other schools acknowledge their awesome students? 

Gold students

Students that submit their assessments (at least one assessment per month for short courses and at least two assessments per month for qualification courses consistently) receive 100% in every assessment first attempt and pay their course weekly become gold students. Gold students receive various cheap and free courses and items for being awesome. 

We don't put up with crap

We are very proud and protective of our students, so if we see any bullying, rudeness etc on social media then that person will be banned from the page. If it's a TISOVN student who is the one doing it, they will be spoken to by staff. TISOVN students are expected to speak highly of one another, to support and encourage other TISOVN students and to speak highly of TISOVN. Students are required to promote TISOVN and not promote another institution otherwise they will be suspended from the school. If you have a problem with a student or with TISOVN contact the person or the school directly and don't make a scene on social media. You have too much class for that kind of behaviour. 

What are APSP courses?

APSP courses are Approved Prisoner Study Program courses that are only available to prisoners worldwide. For more information, navigate to the home page and click on the APSP tab.

Steps To Enrol:

Fill out the enrolment form on line. The form is in word doc so you can simply type it out and digitally sign it! Then email it to admin@tisovn.com

I have more questions, who can I contact?

For questions, email admin@tisovn.com and answer the following question:

What’s the most interesting thing about you?

These FAQ and Terms and Conditions are updated frequently. It is up to the student to keep up to date with the new terms.