Terms and Conditions

Updated 13th November 2021

Is TISOVN for me?

The courses offered at TISOVN are hard so if you want hard, challenging assessments, in-depth, current, up to date content, if you are committed and dedicated to the veterinary industry, if you want to continue with your education, if you want a supportive network then yes, TISOVN is for you. TISOVN is a private school and is not part of an RTO.


What are the costs of the courses?

Please refer to the home page for prices

What currency are the prices in?

Prices are in Australian Dollars.


How long does each course take to complete?

All courses have the duration stated.

What's book a mentor?

Students can book a mentor to assist them with their studies. Your mentor will also create a study timetable for you and will guide you through your studies and help you stay focused and motivated. Mentors are available for 12 months per course and cost $500 per course. Students are required to complete a mentoring form located under the enrolment tab of every course.

What's an extension?

Before a students course is about to expire, they can request an extension to complete the course. Extensions are only offered once per course for a 6 month period only. Extensions are $500 per course.

What other help is available?

Students at TISOVN receive free books that are available within their portal to assist with their chosen course. There are also mentors within the Facebook Group TISOVN Students who can assist with queries. Please note that staff at TISOVN cannot assist students if they are having difficulty with an assessment question. Students are required to contact their booked mentor, or read the books that are available in the portal or to reach out on social media. Tisovn also offers free webinars and paid workshops.


If students are found submitting another students assessment as their own then both students in question will be removed from TISOVN.                                                                                                                                                                      



Students have three attempts to pass with every exam. If students do not pass on the third attempt, students will not be permitted to continue until passed. Students will be prohibited from continuing with the course for 4 weeks from third attempt fail. This will give students ample opportunity to learn the unit. Students will then have one attempt allocated. If students fail the next attempt, they will be prohibited from continuing the course for another 4 weeks and so on. 

What courses do you offer?

Courses are advertised on the home page of the website. Please sign up to the newsletter and follow on Facebook for more details.


No. TISOVN is a private school. There is no minimum certification requirement to work as a vet nurse in Australia and certificates in veterinary nursing is not a legislative requirement. It is up to the discretion of veterinary surgeons or HR of which certifications, if any, they accept. 

International Recognition and Accreditation

TISOVN is internationally recognised and accredited through the IAPCC. For more information - https://www.iapcc.org/

I've missed a direct debit payment

If you miss a payment, you will notified via email. The outstanding amount will automatically roll over into the next deduction. If you miss the next deduction, you will be removed from TISOVN for payment failure and you will need to pay for the remainder of your course in full in order to continue.

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate, transcript, statement of attainment certificates once all units, assessments, exams have been passed. TISOVN is a green school and will be given in digital format only. Under no circumstances will TISOVN issue any hard copy certificates or transcripts.

When are assessments graded?

All units are open so students do not need to wait until an assessment is marked before moving onto the next. Assessments are marked Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm. Assessments will not be marked on weekends, public holidays or over the festive seasons.

When are emails responded?

Emails will be responded Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm. Emails will not be responded to on weekends, public holidays and will be limited over the festive season. It is recommended that students reach out on social media if they have an urgent question.

Do you accept RPL?

No. Our courses are much too advanced and do not match other courses offered by other institutions.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. Students will need to be responsible for their own insurance for courses that require placement 

Do you have an age limit to study?



Do you have specific intakes or start dates?

No. Students can enrol on any day.

Do you offer concessions?

Only where stated.

Do you offer payment plans?

Only where stated. Please email admin@tisovn.com for any questions in regards to payment plans.


Do you have a cooling off period

Yes. 7 days from receipt.


Are you on social media?

Yes, you can follow on Facebook - The International School Of Veterinary Nursing as well as Instagram

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do! Sign up to the newsletter situated on the home page.

How are the grades assessed?

TISOVN has high expectations of its students and marking is high. Students should expect to fail the unit if their assessments are not thorough enough, or for poor presentation and will fail if assessments are not completed in its entirety. Students are only permitted to receive 100% on all assessments and should expect to repeat an assessment until 100% is reached.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

For questions, email admin@tisovn.com

These FAQ and Terms and Conditions are updated frequently. It is up to the student to keep up to date with the new terms.