We asked Claire - TISOVN Student some questions about her experience with TISOVN.

Q) Which course/s are you studying?

A) Vet Nursing, Farm and Captive Animals Certificates

Q) What do you like about the course/s you are studying?

A) Straight forward, easy to read, lots of research and relevant to my work and my future employment pathway.

Q) If more than one course, which one is your favourite and why?

A) I like the Vet Nursing course as it's more in depth and more relevant than Vet Nurse Certificate IV I did at Tafe. Also higher standard of work required as I find Tafe dull and boring.

Q) Why did you decide to study those course/s?

A) My Boss enrolled me in the Anatomy and Physiology and the Clinical Pathology Certificates (vet nurse)

I enrolled in the Advanced Certificate In Vet Nursing as the Vet Nursing Certificate IV was boring, dull and basically an exercise in Google searching. Also to look after my own pets and just for interest (I have 4 disabled cats and 2 disabled dogs)

Captive Animal Certs as relevant to my current contractor role at a variety of Tafes, Unis, providers and RTOs as content writer and marker. Was a great refresher.

Farm animal courses as my PhD is in production animals behaviour and enrichment. I was aware of the technical sides to the industry but lacked basic knowledge of the animals anatomy, health, disease etc. Formed a good foundation for basis of thesis.

Q) How did you hear about TISOVN?

A) Facebook

Q) Why did you choose TISOVN as your preferred institution?

A) I cannot stand Tafe - it is boring and repetitive and they mark me down as I went too far with the question (included too much detail or more than was required). I also hate the videos I had to do, and honestly the staff were less knowledgeable in their fields than I was before enrolling. Also did not enjoy staff speaking down to me and bullying me for my disability. Plus its all online so haven't had to go to the HRC yet again for Tafe refusing my Assistance Dog access. And finally, Tafe was making me complete the units that I wrote the content and assessments for as electives for Vet Nursing Certificate IV which was straight out ridiculous!

Q) What do you like most about TISOVN?

A) More in depth, not penalised for doing more than is required.

Q) What's your big life's dream?

A) Complete my PhD, finish my DVM (already did first year but took a lot of time out due to illness after sexual assault) and work in a teaching hospital and as a researcher/lecturer.

Q) Any advice to give to new students?

A) Go for it! Don't worry that it is not accredited through an RTO because it is better than what you get at the accredited courses at this stage. Even the new Certificate IV syllabus (that I have written units for for a few RTOs) is still very much lacking when compared to TISOVN

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