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The International School Of Veterinary Nursing

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The International School Of Veterinary Nursing was established by Qualified Veterinary Nurses worldwide in response to a growing demand from vet nurses and students to receive extended education and training.

Veterinary nurses across the globe recognized that the gap between veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons is pronounced and to bridge this gap, TISOVN has developed courses in anatomy, physiology, biology and pathology just to name a few.

TISOVN is an advanced school and students will be learning components similar to that of veterinary surgeons. TISOVN students will not only find the courses demanding, with strict assessment grading but also informative and exceptional content not offered by any other institution.

If you want to be the best, then you must study with the best and TISOVN doesn't fall short. If you want to develop your skills and knowledge within the veterinary and animal care industry or if you are an animal lover and want to learn more about a particular species, then enrol in TISOVN today.

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 Vet nurses need an understanding of anatomy and physiology to comprehend how an animals body performs when it is in perfect health so that when the animal gets sick, they will understand why.

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"This is a course offering in depth online content specifically vet nurse and animal care related. It integrates excellent animal care and vet nursing education with relevance to the industry, along with great support for further education. These courses cover everything that students need to know, more so than what any other school is offering" Dr Anna Barlow BVSc (Hons)

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The Certificate In Herpetology is aimed at those that work with or have a particular interest in reptiles and amphibians. The course provides a detailed introduction to herpetology class, biology, ecology, conservation and keeping of reptiles.

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"The International School of Veterinary Nursing is a well respected training program for veterinary nurses. As a veterinarian, I require highly skilled, professional nurses to support me in daily companion animal practice. I have the utmost confidence in the graduates from the International School of Veterinary Nursing to undertake their roles with a high level of competency and proficiency. The International School Of Veterinary Nursing is the most advanced school in this industry" Dr James Crowley BVSc

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Certificate In

Koala Care

The Certificate In Koala Care is aimed at those that work with or have a particular interest in koalas. The course covers history, distribution, abundance, feeding, behaviour, pathogens, parasites

and predators.

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"The courses are incredible and full of information that I can use. The staff are so friendly and always willing to help. You cannot find courses like this anywhere. I recommended all students and nurses to enrol for their professional development" Sarah (student)

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