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The International School Of Veterinary Nursing was established by Qualified Veterinary Nurses worldwide in response to a growing demand from vet nurse students to receive extended education and training.

Veterinary nurses across the globe recognized that the gap between veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons is pronounced and to bridge this gap, TISOVN has incorporated units in anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology, surgery, radiology and dentistry just to name a few.

TISOVN is an advanced veterinary nursing school and students will be learning components similar to that of veterinary surgeons. TISOVN students will not only find the courses demanding, with strict assessment and exam due dates but also informative with exceptional content not offered by any other institution.

TISOVN has the leading edge in areas of anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology, radiology, surgical procedures, dentistry and short courses.

TISOVN students are expected to complete clinical cases, explain pathology results, to assist in surgical procedures, to conduct clinic meetings, to write up charts and cases, to understand fluids and rates, to understand radiology images, drug dosages and so much more.

TISOVN is not a school for those that only want to restrain animals and to clean out cages. TISOVN is, however, a school for those that want to go beyond what veterinary nurses do, and for those that want to work alongside veterinary surgeons to give optimal client and pet care needs.

If you want to be the best, then you must study with the best and TISOVN doesn't fall short. If you want to be an exceptional, forwarding thinking veterinary nurse that veterinary surgeons need and rely upon, then enrol at TISOVN today.

TISOVN is recognised and accredited by IAPCC

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Have you always wanted to work in the veterinary and animal care industry? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing.

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"This is a course offering in depth online training in a broad range of topics specifically vet nurse and animal care related. It integrates excellent animal care and vet nursing education with relevance to the industry, along with great support, in order to make the transition into the workplace smoother or simply further education. This course covers everything that students need to know, more so than what any other school is offering" Dr Anna Barlow BVSc (Hons)

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Do you want to learn about animals? Do you want to make this your career?

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"The International School of Veterinary Nursing is a well respected training program for veterinary nurses. As a veterinarian, I require highly skilled, professional nurses to support me in daily companion animal practice. I have the utmost confidence in the graduates from the International School of Veterinary Nursing to undertake their roles with a high level of competency and proficiency. The International School Of Veterinary Nursing is the most advanced school in this industry" Dr James Crowley BVSc

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Certificate In

Feline Nursing

Do you love cats? Do you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures? Specialise in an area that you love!

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"The team are amazing and more than willing to help us achieve our veterinary nursing dreams and goals. I can’t recommend them highly enough." Clancy Buchanan (Student)