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Certificate In

Wildlife Wound Management

Course Description

Are you interested in nursing wildlife? Are you confronted with injured animals? Do you want to learn how to treat injured wildlife?
The Certificate In Wildlife Wound Management consists of 4 units and is aimed at those that work with or have a particular interest in injured wildlife. 






















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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Biology Of Wildlife Wounds - This unit covers the biology of wounds and conditions.

Unit 2 -      Wildlife Wound Healing - This unit covers the stages of wound healing

Unit 3 -      Types Of Wounds - This unit covers the different wounds seen on casualties

Unit 4 -      Wildlife Triage - This unit covers how to treat under triage.

Students Receive

Once course is complete

1  x Certificate In Wildlife Wound Management

1  x  Course Transcript


Image by Ondrej Machart


Certificate In Wildlife Wound Management

4 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

4 Months

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