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Become A Trainer


No previous education experience required - trainers are available.

  • Are you looking for a new business venture?

  • Do you want to be your own boss?

  • Want to expand your current business model?

  • Do you want to teach?

Partner Program

  • Get access to all of our courses and deliver them through your own teaching platform

  • You handle marking of assignments, student management, advertising and marketing.

  • You pay for the course in full and then charge what you want. You can even add extra content to the courses to customise them. The perfect solution for starting your own school.

How is TISOVN different?

  • We are an established course provider of high quality content written by industry leaders.

  • New courses developed often.

  • We don't work on commission - this means you pay for the course in full and then you start earning.

  • You create your own school and deliver the courses however you want.

  • We offer trainers (at a fee) to assist you starting your venture or marking assessments.

How You Can Utilise The Courses

The awesome thing about purchasing TISOVN courses is that you can break them up. If you purchase a full course, then you can divide them into smaller certificates. You can also conduct workshops by utilising the content in the course you have purchased!

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Enjoy what you do and make some money along the way!

How Does It Work

Do you want to teach students courses in a range of animal and veterinary related subjects?
Our partner program gives you access to our self paced interactive courses.
Simply purchase a course in full, we will then email you the course in a PDF format which includes the modules and the assessments and then you deliver it to your students how you want to. It is that simple and that easy. 

If you need assistance, then simply book one of our trainers (at a fee) and they can assist you in starting your school, delivering the content and marking the assessments. Need answers to the assessments? TISOVN can also provide general answers to questions to assist you in the marking. Alternatively, you can book a TISOVN tutor to mark your students assessments.


1) Either choose a course from the selection below or go to the short and full courses on the website and browse.

2) Email the course purchase form

3) Once we have received payment, you will then be emailed the course content in PDF

4) Start teaching your course!

For more information, email

* Courses are being added daily. If you do not see a desired course below, please go to short and full courses on the website.

* Courses are in AUS Dollars

Partner Program Courses

Security Guard with Dog
Three Cats Playing
Horse Legs
Zebras in Wild
3D Ibex Skull

Purchase A&P with Biochemistry and Pathology and pay


Closeup of a Petri Dish

Purchase Biochemistry with A&P and Pathology and pay $4490

Blood Samples

Purchase Pathology with A&P and Biochemistry and pay $4490

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