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14 Amazing Facts That Explain Why Tortoiseshell Cats Are The Best Cats To Own

1. Tortoiseshell cats are mostly always going to be females

Through the genetics, tortoiseshell cats will most likely be females. If you are searching for a male tortoiseshell GOOD LUCK, They are very hard to come by and highly sought after. "No wonder every tortoiseshell cat I come across is a female" it's not just by chance it's by genetics. To give you an example of how rare a male torte is, out of 3000 tortes there will be only 1 male.

2. These Are Lucky Cats

Tortoiseshell cats are considered to be good luck cats.

Many people in the United States and Europe consider the tortoiseshell cat to be lucky. Why are they considered lucky? There have been many legends and folklore where the tortoiseshell cat is being viewed as a good luck charm. This is one of the reasons that the tortoise is so sought after. People believe if they own one of these beauties then it will bring them good luck.

3. These Are Also Money Cats

In the United States, Americans Consider Tortes to Bring Wealth.

So just to add to why the Tortoiseshell cat it's so highly sought after, not only do Tortoiseshell cats bring luck but they also bring wealth. Although the origin as to why people believe the Tortoiseshell cat can bring wealth is unknown that doesn't stop the Americans from fighting over these cats because they believe that somehow the cat will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Just a heads up, I own a Tortoiseshell cat and I am still blogging hoping that it will make me money, so if you are reading this I am still poor.

4. Tortie's Are Demanding!!

These cats are very demanding and expect more from their owners. Tortoiseshell cats love attention and do not typically like to be left alone. When I say they are demanding I mean it. For an example of just how demanding my Tortie can be, My Tortie Kitty goes crazy over Temptations cat treats. When she needs a fix she makes sure we know. When we are trying to sleep and she needs her fixing she will walk around our heads, jump on us, meow at us and attempt to get the delicious treats down from a spot where I thought she could not reach, but that does not stop her. If I kick her out of the room we hear a never ending howl as if she is dying or she will run and jump into the door!! Yes Seriously!

5. They Bring High Status in Asia

Since the Tortie is linked to good fortune and luck in in some parts of Asia the Tortoiseshell cat is a symbol of high status. This is why the Tortie is such a highly desired cat in Asia. They also believe this cat will bring good luck and lead to good fortune.

6. Why Are They Called Tortoiseshell Cats?

The reasoning behind the name has to do with the way the colors resemble a shell from an actual turtle. Well wouldn't that mean they should called Turtleshell cats? Yes I would think so, but nevertheless they are called Tortoiseshell cats.

7. Your Own Personal Ghost Buster

It is believed in ancient times that the tortoiseshell cat can prevent ghost attacks. Sailors would take these cats with them while fishing because they believed it would keep the ghost from attaching their ship. For whatever reason the ancients believed that you were more likely to be attacked by a ghost out to sea than on dry land. I guess this makes sense because all of the ancient shipwrecks that have trapped the spirits at sea. As crazy as it may sound, there are still people today that will keep these cats in their homes to prevent any ghostly activities. It is unknown why the Tortie is said to scare ghosts but some believe it has to do with the energy these cats can give off.

8. Most male tortoiseshells are sterile.

As mentioned earlier only 1 out of every 3000 Tortoiseshells are males. Unfortunately for the male Tortoiseshell they more than likely born unable to reproduce. However there are male Tortoiseshell cats out they that are fully capable of reproducing. This however is extremely rare you happen to find one I'm sure it will make you rich!

9. Famous Tortie Folklore

In Southeast Asia, it was believed that the first Tortoiseshell Cat was created from the blood of a young beautiful goddess. In England, it is believed that rubbing the tail of a tortie could cure warts. As already mentioned Japanese fishermen would bring these cats on their boats because they believed it would protect them from ghosts.

10. People want these cats!!

Tortoiseshell cats are very rare and a male tortoiseshell is even rarer. The rarity of these unique beauties makes them highly sought-after. People that seek out torties are looking for something that is a little different than your average cat. Then there are also the superstitions about torties bringing good luck and stacks and stacks of cash.

11. They're known for their unique personalities and "Tortitude"

Not only do Torties look different than your average cat they also act different. This Tortie gene gives the cats unique personalities and also its color. Take your average cats personality and multiply it by 3. This can be awesome but also a pain if it gets to be too much. This adds to the reasoning why Torties are such a high commodity. Cat owners do not want your average cat but they won't a cat with its own distinctive personality.

12. The "Tortitude"

These cats have such a different personality then other cats they actual have coined the term "Tortitude". I'm here to tell you that this "Tortitude is indeed real. It can be both charming and annoying.

13. The official cat of Maryland is the White Tortoiseshell

The white tortoiseshell also called the calico is the official cat of Maryland. In October 1, 2001 this became official. Maryland really loves it Torties. Why is it he official cat of Maryland? The reasoning is that the Tortie has the same color pallet as Maryland's state bird the Oriole.

14. A Tortie cat has served as a Station Master in Japan

Yes, you read that correctly, it is true, a Tortie named Tama became a Station Master in Kinokawa, Japan at a railway station. Tama is one of the most famous cats in Japan until she passed away in 2015.

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