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Real Excuses For Being Late To Work

We always run late to work at some point or another, but it's not the actual words of 'I'm gunna be late' it's the reasons why that we get so baffled. The following reasons are so bizarre you couldn't make them up!

" I opened my car door and these two staffy's jumped in. They came from nowhere and I couldn't get them out. In the end, I left the doors open and got a cab to work. Luckily I live in a safe area because when I got home, the car was still there with no signs of the dogs. I never saw them again"

"I had to get a squirrel out of my car"

"A fighting deer kept me up all night and I slept through my alarm"

"My dog chewed through my charger overnight. My phone died, and my alarm didn’t go off. This actually happened, but my boss didn’t believe me"

"While in the shower, I suddenly heard a loud crash followed by a blood-curdling “scream” and hiss echoing from the far end of my bathroom. I ripped open the shower curtain, only to see a gaping hole in my ceiling and a fat, orange tabby cat sitting directly below it, just as startled as myself. It was Tom, my upstairs neighbor’s cat, who had apparently been living in the crawl space between our apartments. He had completely torn apart the HVAC system and had been stealing my heat all winter. I took a picture of Tom, the hole, and the heating system, and promptly sent them to my boss."

"There was a cow blocking the road"

"I locked myself and my dog out of my apartment building"

"I woke up to a humming noise in my hallway. I was the only one home so it was up to me to investigate. When I opened my bedroom door, there were about 1000 bees on the ceiling, on the floor, in my flatmates bedroom, in the bathroom, on the window screens. It was like I woke up to a nightmare. I shut my bedroom door and called the police because I didn't know what to do. I then climbed out of my bedroom window, still in my pyjamas and waited for the police to arrive. I didn't have to wait long because I heard the sirens and the car screeching around the corner. The police had no idea what to do so they called the Fire Brigade and they too came with sirens blaring. The Fire Squad had no idea what to do because now there were more bees covering the side of my house trying to get in. The Fire Squad called the Ambulance and they too came with sirens blaring. So I now had all three departments outside my house confused as hell as what to do.

Then a bee keeper came all dressed up in his bee keeper outfit for a closer inspection. He then informs me that there is a Queen Bee in the cavity of the wall just under my flatmates window and the only way to remove the Queen Bee is to remove half the wall as well. Because this was a rental property, I didn't think this was such a good idea, so he was sent on his way.

By this stage, all the departments were still at the house waiting with baited breath of the outcome of this weird situation.

Then it was decided that the pest control guy had to spray the house, inside and out and to kill the bees, which was my only solution.

I climbed back through my bedroom window with the aid of the Fire Squad to get ready for work while the pest guy sprayed the house.

By the time I came back from work, there were about 1000 dead bees everywhere which took weeks to clean up. The whole experience has made me bee phobic and my boss didn't believe me!"

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