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What Animal Do You See First?

We are always learning about ourselves and most often we discover absolutely unpredictable features in our character. This fun test will tell what kind of personality you have and they way you think.

The animal you see first reveals what type of personality you have.

What animal do you see first?


If you saw the tiger first then it indicates that you love power. You have what is considered a 'hot temper' and will stand up to what you believe in, no matter the cost. The tiger is an opportunist and will go where opportunities lies. You have high ambition and can attain huge success in life.

You can have trust issues which can cause reckless behaviour to the point of causing disaster. Most people respect you and at times, can be fearful of you. You need to understand that you can't always be right and think to think before you make any major decisions.


You are highly ambitious, setting goals and work towards achieving them in every possible way. You are quick to stand up for someone who is discriminated or unjustly treated. Your decisions are honest and reliable.

You are brave, self-confident and never afraid of condemnation or ridicule. You have a very serious approach to family and loved ones. You prefer openly expressed emotions and have a hard time recognizing deception.


You are loyal, sincere and devoted with a high sense of justice. When you feel something is unfair, you will fight till the last minute for justice. This aspect often gets you into long arguments and even unnecessary quarrels with others.

You are very intelligent and always know the right moment to appear or say something impressive which makes you lovable. You don't tolerate betrayal and will stay loyal until the end. You make a great friend, but bad enemy.


You have outstanding mental abilities and honour, power, and wisdom govern people of this kind. Elephants are natural authoritarians and this aspect coupled with stubbornness and purposefulness attract people to you.

They are acutely passionate with your career and social status and attain your success by thinking through each step.

Family is very important to you. You need a loving person who occasionally redirects your pessimism to optimism and to force you to believe in yourself. Normally, you have a huge social circle.


Squirrels symbolize mobility, vibrancy, efficiency, and loyalty to duty. You are highly intelligent and are always active. You are always trying to get one step farther from the rest. You have constant energy and cheerfulness which is supported by your self-confidence and strength.

With this assortment of qualities, you become very popular in society. Having this personality is infective and people surrounding you find themselves filled with optimism. Your energy helps you cope with any situation no matter how heavy. You are good at analyzing situations, moving rapidly into the future, but you never forget your family and past.


You are one calm and relaxed person. You are never in a rush and always take time to observe, analyze, and make the best decision as per the situation.

You make great friends and listen attentively and give out a genuine advice. You have great wisdom that helps at work and in your personal life but sometimes you wait too long and miss out on opportunities.

You have a great intuition that enables you to escape danger and stay safe in different situations. You dedicate most of your life to careers and your high levels of concentrations enable you to achieve your goals.


You have strong intuition. You are guided by the signs on your path. With this skill, you are able to masterfully avoid obstacles. You are persistent, but usually not reactive. To you, life is a big war made of smaller battles which you struggle to win little by little.

You are highly secretive which makes you great confidants. You are prone to mood swings although rarely noticeable due to their inexpressive personality.

This aspect makes them look too mysterious. While some may think they are trying to hide something, in the real sense they avoid wasting their energy waiting on the right moment to seize and act. 

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