Welfare Staff and Vollie Courses

Enrolment Form

Payment Plan Form

Welfare Staff and Vollie Courses are for students, graduates, volunteers and staff that are employed

 in animal welfare shelters and centres.

These courses have been discounted and are only available for employees at welfare organisations.

Students are required to state their welfare personal email address on their application form to confirm employment/volunteering. If students do not have a welfare personal email address, then the vet director/shelter manager/head nurse must confirm employment to TISOVN.

Complete the enrolment form and email it to:


You do not need to print the form out, simply complete on line and email it.

Any questions or concerns in regards your application,

please email us at


For the payment plan option, please complete the payment plan form and email it to


(conditions and surcharges apply with payment plans)

Students can pay for their course in full via bank transfer. Details located on the enrolment form.

Students wanting to enrol in more than one course need only to complete ONE enrolment form 

stating all courses on the one form.