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Have you always wanted to work with horses? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies.






















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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Equine Psychology and Handling - This unit covers the different procedures used for the handling of horses.

Unit 2 -      Equine Characteristics and Breeds - This unit covers the characteristic of horses and the various breeds.

Unit 3 -      Equine Dentition and Ageing - This unit covers equine teeth and ageing

Unit 4 -      Equine Conformation - This unit covers the evaluation of the conformation of horses.

Unit 5 -      Equine Digestive System and Feeding - This unit covers the horse’s digestive system structure and function.

Unit 6 -      Equine Vaccinations, Parasites and Disease - This unit covers equine vaccinations, parasites and common diseases.

Unit 7 -      Equine Diet - This unit covers the different foodstuffs in each of the groups of feeds.

Unit 8 -      Bedding and Mucking Out - This unit covers the management procedures necessary to fulfil the bedding requirements of horses.

Unit 9 -      The Hoof - This unit covers the management and care of the hoof of the horse.

Unit 10 -    Exercise and Conditioning - This unit covers the management procedures for conditioning horses.

Unit 11 -    Tack - This unit covers the procedures used for managing the tack requirements of horses.

Unit 12 -     Rugs, Boots and Bandages - This unit covers the use and purpose of protective equipment for horses

Unit 13 -     Equine Health - This unit covers the procedures required to maintain a horses’ health.

Unit 14 -     Equine Motivation - This unit covers the factors affecting equine behaviour.

Unit 15 -     Equine Genetics - This unit covers the influence of genetics on equine behaviour.

Unit 16 -     Equine Perception and Body Language - This unit covers how horses perceive and how they respond to various stimuli.

Unit 17 -     Equine Reproduction - This unit covers the sexual and reproductive behaviour of the horse.

Unit 18 -     Equine Behavioural Problems - This unit covers how and why behavioural problems occur and how they can be prevented.

Students Receive

Once course is complete 

1   x Certificate In Advanced Equine Studies

1   x Course Transcript



Advanced Certificate In Equine Studies

12 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

12 Months

Must be working in a equine field


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