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Course Description

Have you always wanted to move up the veterinary ladder? Do you want to manage a team? Do you love behind the scenes environment?  Why not advance in the industry and become a Practice Manager!
























Course Details
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Course Name      
Course Duration           
Delivery Method         

Start Date                      


Course Requirements     

Course Completion



Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Office Practices - This unit covers office space, communications, phone skills, letters and documents, procedures and health and safety

Unit 2 -      Bookkeeping -This unit covers bookkeeping, inventory and accounts

Unit 3 -      Sales - This unit covers presentation, selling, marketing and presentation

Unit 4 -      Communication Skills - This unit covers communication and workplace meetings

Unit 5 -      Motivation - This unit covers motivation, rewards, negative motivators, initiating

Unit 6 -      Conflict Management - This unit covers conflict, listening and negotiating skills

Unit 7 -      Supervision - This unit covers structures and problem solving techniques

Unit 8 -      Management - This unit covers styles, interview skills, management and ethics

Students Receive

Once course is complete 

1 x Certificate In Practice Management

1 x Course Transcript 


Certificate In Practice Management

12 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

12 Months

Must be working in a vet clinic

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