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Certificate In Arachnology

Course Description

Are you interested in spiders? Do you want to learn more about their habitats and ecology? Are you fascinated by their anatomy and physiology? Have you always wanted a pet tarantula?
The Certificate In Arachnology consists of 8 units and is aimed at those that work in or have a particular interest in arachnology. 

























Course Details

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Units of Study

Unit 1 -      Introduction To Arachnology- This unit covers families, systems, biology and history

Unit 2 -      Functional Anatomy - This unit covers the bodily structure and internal workings of spiders.

Unit 3 -      Metabolism - This unit covers the physiology of spiders

Unit 4 -      Neurobiology - This unit covers the structure and function of spiders

Unit 5 -      Spider Webs - This unit covers silk, threads and the structure of webs

Unit 6 -      Locomotion and Prey Capture - This unit covers the mechanics of walking and prey capture

Unit 7 -      Reproduction - This unit covers reproductive organs, courtship and copulation

Unit 8 -      Ecology - This unit covers habitat, prey animals, and enemies

Students Receive

Once course is complete

1  x Certificate In Arachnology

1  x  Course Transcript



Certificate In Arachnology

6 Months



Assessments - Exams 


Access to a computer

6 Months

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